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Laboratory for Determination of GMS

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The System of Capillary Electrophoresis "Capel-105"

Capel-105 is an advanced capillary electrophoresis system with an autosampler that allows fast and effective solution for food industry, environmental applications, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, biochemistry, forensic science.

High performance capillary electrophoresis. Based on the differential migration of components of aqueous samples within a narrow quartz capillary under the influence of the applied electric field. Separated solutes are quantitatively detected at the capillary outlet by high sensitive optical system based on direct or indirect UV absorbance.

The instrument has all the features of the previous models – liquid cooling of capillary, capability to work using pre-programmed routines. It has an autosampler for 10 inlet and 10 outlet vials that improves repeatability of the results in copmarison with model 103RT with manual sample handling. Due to deuterium lamp and monochromator with a diffraction grating, the instrument can detect signal in the 190-380nm range that makes it a flexible yet not expensive tool for analytical practice.


Horizontal electrophoresis cell

The electrode chamber for vertical electrophoresis of proteins in polyacrylamide

Electrophoregram of the fractional composition of proteins

Protein nitrogen analyzer Rapid N Cube

Analyzer for fast and absolutely safe measurement of nitrogen or protein according to the Dumas combustion method with samples up to 1 g or 1 ml of liquid samples (with option capsule sealing press). Due to the latest micro-electronics and mechanics the rapid N cube is the most compact high performance elemental analyzer for real organic macro samples with a measuring range of up to 200 mg N absolute.

Protein nitrogen analyzer Rapid N Cube

Devices for the preparation of solid and liquid samples


Amino acid analyzer ARACUS

Qualitative and quantitative determination of amino acid composition.

Amino acid analyzer ARACUS


Sublimation facility «ИНЕЙ-6М»

Sublimation drying of biotechnological production food of layer.

Cублимационная установка ИНЕЙ-6М

Sublimation facility «ИНЕЙ-6М»


Disc pelletizer with an activator

Granulation of dry and wet materials

Тарельчатый гранулятор с активатором

Disc pelletizer with an activator

Full list of equipment

Name Purpose
1 An amplifier with an optical unit for real-time PCR, SmartCycler SystemII Automatic detection of amplification products in real time, with the possibility of qualitative and quantitative product determination
2 The system of horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis, BioRad Separation of biomolecules in agarose gel under an electric field, including the separation of amplification products
3 Software Vitran-Photo Image processing
4 An amplifier with a multichannel standard reaction unit and thermostatically controlled cap, "Tertsik" Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) performing
5 Amino Acid Analyzer Aracus Qualitative and quantitative determination of amino acid composition
6 Nitrogen Analyzer, rapid N cube To determine the protein content in food
7 The capillary electrophoresis system of, BioRad Qualitative and quantitative analysis of food
8 Vertical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis system, BioRad High accuracy separation of molecules by size and molecular weight
9 Horizontal electrophoresis cell, BioRad Separation of DNA molecules by size
10 Glass bidistiller Twice-distilled water obtaining
11 Hydrodynamic chopper-dispersant, РПА-01 Chopping, dispersion, gas-filling, heat treatment of liquid, viscous and pasty food products with possibility of connection to a vacuum pump
12 Steam Sterilizer, DGM-500 Water-saturated steam sterilization of laboratory glassware, as well as hermetically sealed vials with solutions
13 Bacterial air box Work with DNA samples in PCR-diagnostics, provide protection of agent from contamination
14 Cooling dry-air electric thermostat, ТСО-1/180 СПУ Obtaining and maintaining stable temperature within the working chamber, required for bacteriological and serological studies
15 Packaging and gas-filling machine, YANG PERSEUS Food packaging and creation within this package the modified gas environment
16 Sublimation facility, «ИНЕЙ-6М» Sublimation drying of biotechnological production food of layer
17 Disc pelletizer with an activator Granulation of dry and wet materials