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Laboratory for Determination of GMS

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Biotechnology laboratory

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The Center of Research and Education of Kemerovo Technological Institute of Food Industry was created to train experts in the field of biotechnology, including bionanotechnology, owning the newest methods of physical-chemical and molecular genetic analysis.

The Center was created by SEI HVE KTIFI according to Rector's order № 199 of 27 April 2006 as part of the project of the Federal Target Scientific-Technical Program 2002-2006 for infrastructure development (State contract № 02.438.11.7038).

The aim of the Centre

Implementation of the institute research such as research, development and technological works, aimed at the implementation of priority directions and critical technologies approved by the President of the Russian Federation.

Structure of the Center

Main Directions of the Centre Activity

• Providing high level of research using modern equipment;
• Development and validation of new analytical methods for research in biotechnology and food industry;
• Increasing the number of scientific publications on the results of studies using modern scientific equipment;
• Preparation of highly qualified scientific personnel on the material-technical base of the Center, participation in training, retraining and upgrading skills of workers;
• Development of International Relations of the Institute, the interaction with the academic, research and industrial organizations for joint researches.

Priority Directions

• Living Systems;
• Nanosystems and Materials Industry;
• Rational Management of Natural Resources.
Collective Use Center was organized on the basis of the Center. It consists of 2 laboratories:
• The Testing Laboratory for Determination of Genetically Modified Sources (GMS) in Food Products and Raw Materials .
The Testing Laboratory is organized in order to create conditions for the realization of the rights of consumers to receive complete and accurate information about products, for realization of their right of choice and to ensure food quality and safety. Its priority direction is research food and semi-finished products by PCR for the presence of genetically modified DNA, by qualitative and quantitative methods, and identification of species belonging of the meat products to detect falsification of resources.
• Biotechnology Laboratory.

It conducts following research:

- amino acid composition of foods;
- quantification of protein;
- quantification of of cations;
- quantification of anions;
- quantification of organic acids;
- quantification of the synthetic dyes;
- quantification preservatives;
- quantification of aldehydes;
- quantification of herbicides;
- quantification of the acetate ion in wastewater .